Why the Death of Jesus?

Why the death of Jesus? Was it simply the greatest mistake in all of human history, or was something else going on? Did Jesus really have to die? Couldn't God have found another way? What does Jesus' death reveal about our great God and our relationship to him?


Helping Fielding Melish: A Challenge from Frank Viola

One of the top 10 Christian bloggers, Frank Viola, has posted a very interesting challenge for Christians to try to answer. Following is his proposed scenario, with a specific question to answer (highlighted in red) after said scenario. My response then follows his question. Got it? Good, then check it out...


In the Dust of the Rabbi

I love the phrase "in the dust of the Rabbi." It is so foreign to our 21st century ears, but so important to understand today. It’s where you want to be. And when you see where that is, if you haven’t already, you will want to get there as soon as possible. You will want to live there. In fact, I am going to encourage you to do just that. And what may sound even more extreme—once you are there you will wonder how you ever viewed your Christianity any other way. It is that powerful.


What Is the Discipleship Deficiency?

Growing up I had one thing on straight—I believed in God and the Bible, specifically, that Jesus was really who he said he was, the Son of God, and that the Bible was inspired by God. My understanding was not very deep on any of it, but it did not matter, as those foundational beliefs were present. It’s what made me a Christian. But what does this have to do with discipleship, or the discipleship deficiency? Everything...


Three Ways To Understand Conversion

Popular dictionaries list many different definitions for conversion. In all the definitions, the word "change" is continually used to convey the meaning, regardless of the context (monetary, scientific, medical, religious, etc.) Conversion to Christianity can be understood on three levels—the broad sense, the strict sense, and the discipleship sense. Understanding these has implications for living the Christian life.


Sleeping At Last – the Music of Ryan O’Neal

Ryan O’Neal, the force behind the band Sleeping At Last, is one extremely talented singer/songwriter. I cannot say enough positive things about the music I have heard to date which includes the album Storyboards and selections from Yearbook. I discovered Sleeping At Last when just this past year O’Neal gave away Storyboards for free on NoiseTrade.com. I have been hooked ever since.


Examining 1 John 1:5-10 (Paper)

I hope you will enjoy this paper on "An Exegesis of 1 John 1:5-10." Decoding the theology-speak, the word "exegesis" simply refers to trying to understand the original, intended meaning of a written text. My goal therefore is to look at and understand this critical passage of Scripture in light of its first century context. Why was it written, and to whom? With this we can understand what John originally meant when he wrote it, and also how it applies to us today. Also, 1 John 1:9 is of some controversy as it deals with confession of sin: does it refer to the Christian’s need to acknowledge having sin in general, or is it a decree for the Christian to confess everyday sins as they occur in order to stay forgiven?


A Healthy Perspective on Prayer Changes Our Prayer Life

ONE of the most important elements of a prayer life is our perspective on prayer. In general, the perspective we take toward spiritual things often determines the actions that will come out of us. Our actions flow from the source of personal faith and convictions. A healthy faith and perspective will produce healthy and fruitful results. If faith and convictions on spiritual things are shallow or stagnant, then the fruits of our lives and actions...