God’s Most Fundamental Attribute

Does God have a most fundamental attribute? Does any aspect of God's nature serve as an ultimate and necessary foundation for who he is as a being, from which all his other attributes spring? What can we understand from this?


Does God Know the Future? Open Theism and the Bible (Paper)

Open Theism argues that God does not know the future, but learns as he experiences the unfolding of events. But does the Bible support the argument that God does not have foreknowledge? Come explore the different facets of Open Theism and compare it to what the Bible says about God's foreknowledge.


The Angry God of the Old Testament

Is the God of the Old Testament unjust, immoral, bloodthirsty, too strict, or just downright mean? Or is there something else at play that answers why we sometimes struggle with seeing him this way?

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Why the Death of Jesus?

Why the death of Jesus? Was it simply the greatest mistake in all of human history, or was something else going on? Did Jesus really have to die? Couldn't God have found another way? What does Jesus' death reveal about our great God and our relationship to him?


Helping Fielding Melish: A Challenge from Frank Viola

One of the top 10 Christian bloggers, Frank Viola, has posted a very interesting challenge for Christians to try to answer. Following is his proposed scenario, with a specific question to answer (highlighted in red) after said scenario. My response then follows his question. Got it? Good, then check it out...