Does God Know the Future? Open Theism and the Bible (Paper)

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Have you ever heard of Open Theism? It argues God does not know the future, but learns as he experiences unfolding events. God knows the past, and he knows the present. But the future is “open” for God (thus the name Open Theism), meaning that he does not know the future events of his free will creation.

According to Open Theism, as events unfold God can be surprised, remorseful, and even repentant in his interactions with his human creation. God does not know what is going to happen. Things can go either way, and God only discovers it as it plays out.

Open theists use specific Bible verses as proof that God experiences his creation without knowing what is going to happen. We will discuss some of these in the paper. For example, we will examine Genesis 6:5-7 where God is “grieved that he had made man.” Is this because God was not expecting man to be as evil as he was, so much so that it saddened and angered him, producing the desire to wipe them all out except for Noah and his family?

Is Open Theism a biblical position? Does the Bible support the argument that God does not have foreknowledge (knowledge of future events that have not happened yet)?

Come explore the different facets of this belief system and compare it to what the Bible says about God’s foreknowledge.

I can see in the very near future that you will download and read Open Theism and the Bible


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