Walter Scott and the Five-Finger Exercise (Paper)

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Walter Scott, American Evangelist of the Campbell/Stone Movement (circa 1870 engraved by Whitechurch)

For those in or familiar with the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement tradition, there is perhaps no figure who is more important yet less known than Walter Scott. Scott is considered to be one of the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement’s four founding fathers. He is most famous for systematizing what he claimed was the restoration of the ancient gospel: faith, repentance, baptism, remission of sins, the Holy Spirit, and eternal life. For his evangelistic purposes, he condensed his doctrine into the methodology that became known as the five-finger exercise.

This paper is geared toward the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement tradition and discusses what Walter Scott did, why he did it, his influences, his disappointment, and how Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement churches today use his plan.

Download the paper here: Walter Scott and the Five-Finger Exercise


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